Production and Sales Figures for Automobiles 1945-2006

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Car Production Numbers Book

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  Car Production Numbers Book

Car Production Numbers Book

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This book isn’t limited to just American sold cars but includes extensive information on limited editions built throughout the world.  Including Rover Limited Edition vehicles, Cosworth Fords, Aston Martin coachbuilt cars, Sbarro, European BMW/Audi/Mercedes, Coachbuilt Bentley and Rolls Royce figures, Ferrari production figures (even with color breakdowns on some models), Simca, Skoda, Monteverdi and many many more.

Just about any special editions are listed.  Yenko, Shelby, Cosworth, Tickford, Anniversary Editions of vehicles, Indy 500 editions, prototypes, Frua/Vignale/PininFarina/Bertone/Guigiaro bodied.  Some European models broken down by Right-Hand Drive & Left-Hand Drive. The most recent cars are included such as Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Aveo, Maybach, Porsche Cayenne, GMC Canyon, Mazda 3, Mercury Monterey, BMW E60 5-Series, Acura TSX, Ford Freestar, Cadillac XLR, Chrysler Crossfire, Scion Xa and Xb and many more. Minivans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Cross-over vehicles, trucks, and wagons are all included.

This 300+ page document comes in paperback or electronic .pdf file and includes over 100 black & white illustrations.  Years of research has gone into the compilation of this document and is an incredible automotive resource.  Recently Updated to include 2004 and 2005 Sales figures! Car Production Numbers is available for only $ 4.99. Pay with It is fast, easy and secure.

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Car Production Numbers Book
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Car Production Numbers Book
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